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We marketers understand the importance of leveraging insights to drive results. However, we don’t have the time, tools, or resources to crunch numbers, analyze trends, and recognize customer behavior patterns in real time – all while ensuring campaigns and projects go off without a hitch. The truth is, marketers need data, but data without analysis is just scattered information. Cognitive technology is here to fix that. In this webinar, you’ll hear from marketing experts who will discuss how cognitive solutions can:
• Revolutionize how you engage with your customers
• Help you uncover aggregate trends
• Discover new personalization opportunities – and even predict customer behavior

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Creative marketing and great customer service are no longer enough to succeed in today’s competitive business environment. In a digital world where competitive offers are readily available at the touch of a smartphone, customer experience must become your brand. Look only in the rear view mirror, and you may have missed the opportunity to make a positive difference.  Learn how to uncover new levels of predictive and actionable insights, deliver impactful and timely experiences that customers want and value, while making smart investments in the customers that need your attention.

Join us for an exclusive webinar hosted by Brian Solis, Principal Analyst at Altimeter Group, keynote speaker, and author of “X: The Experience When Business Meets Design,” on how to cultivate and market meaningful customer experiences. Discover how to get ahead of your customers and make each touchpoint matter.

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That’s right. Customers’ expectations are higher than ever. Mobile devices and easy, real-time access to information are changing how marketers like you work to create campaigns. Optimize your cross-channel campaigns and reach your goal of transforming visitors into repeat customers and advocates. Discover how you can interact with your customers in relevant, personal dialogues across mobile, social, digital, and traditional channels. Join us for a webinar hosted by Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs, marketing keynote speaker, and The Wall Street Journal best-selling author on how to create content and campaigns to please customers and ignite your business.

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Does your company meet today’s customers’ high standards? Empowered consumers expect relevant, highly personalized customer experiences. Come join us for a webinar hosted by Charlene Li, Principal Analyst at Altimeter, LinkedIn Influencer, and New York Times Best-Selling Author and learn how to recognize consumer preferences and turn your consumer insights into personalized marketing campaigns. Learn how to lead your company to success by crafting brand engagements that are in tune with your customers’ needs and not only meet, but exceed their expectations.

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Supply chain professionals know that disruptions are inevitable. 87% of CSCOs say lack of visibility makes it difficult to proactively mitigate disruptions. No supply chain can afford to spend days mitigating disruptions, but especially not when you have a spend of more than $30 billion for a supply chain that operates in over 170 countries. Five years ago IBM's Chief Supply Chain Officer, Joanne Wright, set out to work with IBM engineers and craft a cognitive solution to her supply chain’s data overload challenges.

Joanne’s innovation leadership helped…
•    Reduce IBM’s data retrieval times by more than 75%
•    Saved the company $40 million in inventory and freight costs

Little did she know that a couple of years later the whole global supply chain profession would benefit from her intrapreneurship and ingenuity. Can you imagine what you could accomplish with Watson as your business trusted advisor? Register for the webinar and hear the story of the Cognitive Supply Chain!

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Customers expect personalized, consistent experiences from your brand. Success requires a blend of analytics and creativity to foster one-to-one relationships that increase customer volume and loyalty. IBM's AI-powered Watson Marketing solutions support a broad set of channels including digital, mobile, and offline, enabling you to work smarter while delivering targeted multi-channel experiences to customers.

Our integrated AI-powered solutions help you understand your customers and how they interact with your brand, build and analyze effective end-to-end journeys, easily uncover opportunities you never knew existed by removing obstacles to conversion, uncover audiences and segments you never knew existed and engage them effectively, and optimize every digital property for conversion.

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On May 25, 2018, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go into effect. This new regulatory framework will have a truly transformational effect on the marketing landscape. This is more than just a new compliance issue. It is a unique opportunity for marketers all across the globe to improve privacy, transparency and brand loyalty.

Please join Jay Henderson, Director of Offering Management, IBM Watson Marketing, and our guest Fatemeh Khatibloo, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, as they help marketers like yourself understand this tectonic shift, address common misconceptions and confusion, and how you can ride the wave to stronger brand loyalty.

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Invalid promo codes, slow-loading pages, and checkout confusion are just a few of points of friction that could cause your customer not to take the journey they want, which can affect your marketing performance. In this webinar, we will learn about 3 tips you can use to proactively optimize journeys and your marketing spend by turning visitors into loyal customers who will return again and again.

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In this webinar, we will share the latest release details of IBM Digital Analytics.  You can expect to get a deep dive into:

  • What you need to know about IBM Digital Analytics and GDPR
  • New flexibility added to workspaces
  • New ways to analyze page drilldown data
  • Sneak peak into what's coming next in Digital Analytics

We look forward to sharing our release information with you so that you can get the most out of your IBM solutions.

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Join supply chain and technology experts from IBM and Seko as they examine how companies can leverage Artificial Intelligence to elevate their Transportation Management Systems (TMS) systems and capabilities.  

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Digital transformation has largely been the wild west, but 2018 might be the year that separates the winners from the losers when it comes to maintaining new customers across multiple channels. IBM's Watson enables customized marketing solutions that generate more qualified leads and help with both customer acquisition and retention. Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more essential, not just for a competitive edge but to remain relevant in general. Find out how customers are using IBM Watson Marketing to leverage AI in a transformational way, and how you can do the same.

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How are your email and mobile marketing programs performing compared to the average in your industry? And more importantly, how much work do you need to do to join the ranks of the top performers? Discover the latest mobile and email benchmark data and learn how you can better measure your success and improve future initiatives.

In this webinar, Loren McDonald will share results of IBM Watson Marketing’s exclusive “2018 Email and Mobile Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study,” an analysis of email and mobile metrics from messages sent during 2017. And Katie Key, Director of Operations with HarperCollins Publishers, will share her perspectives as a long-time user of benchmark data, successes, pitfalls and her observations on the meaning of the metrics themselves.

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Billee Howard, Founder & CEO of BRANDthropologie Media, interviews IBM SVP & CMO Michelle Peluso on The Future of Marketing. Learn key insights from these Marketing trailblazers on the impact of AI, Blockchain, evolving social channels and more.

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Drive customer engagement with relevant and personalized mobile marketing. 

Join IBM for the next installment in its webinar series about mobile marketing. Learn how to increase customer loyalty and drive your business with mobile. Engage with customers when and where they expect it - on their mobile devices.

Our experts will cover a range of topics including:

  • How to design personalized "transactional" mobile marketing campaigns to exceed customer expectations
  • Learning from illustrations and examples across industries
  • Using industry benchmarks for mobile marketing (NEW!) to set targets and improve performance 
  • Bringing mobile marketing to your customers with Watson Campaign Automation
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In the age of the start-up disruptors, existing businesses are challenged to change their models to disrupt the disruptors. These changes have begun to focus on supply chain and developing a stronger capability to serve more end customers faster, with less resource tied up in working capital. IBM is answering this challenge for our clients by combining blockchain, AI and B2B EDI to improve data quality, make business predictions, reduce the cost of moving from yesterday’s EDI to tomorrow’s blockchain networking.

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In this session, you will hear from Patrick Lannon, VP of Worldwide Industry Solutions and Revenue Programs, IBM Watson Customer Engagement, about the 4 common misconceptions people face as they work to integrate AI into their customer engagement strategy.  From predicting presidential elections to applying analytics to Twitter to helping people find love through food flavor preferences, Patrick will talk about how people and companies are approaching AI. Join in to learn to about the AI Gap and how you and your business can conquer it.

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Join IBM Distinguished Engineer, Bob Balfe, as he walks us through a scenario that highlights how employees from marketing, merchandising, category management, the call center and the store can come together with shared data and a shared platform to learn quickly from a failing campaign, to launch a new effort that reinvigorates a customer segment suffering from low engagement. The example highlights how one customer's interactions drive several flawless adjustments, both online and offline, to give her an extraordinary experience.

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Join Marketing and Social Media Expert Adam Buchanan as he sits down with Jennifer Tattenbaum, Senior Director of Interactive at the Shubert Organization, to learn how IBM Business Partner Pereion and Watson Customer Experience Analytics helps theater enthusiasts have great experiences buying their Broadway tickets. Find out how you can gain greater visibility into online activity and elevate your customers’ digital experiences.

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Did you know that IBM Digital Analytics can provide you more detailed analysis of client journeys in your specific industry vertical? Join Alexandra Hussar, Customer Analytics Support Consultant, in this webinar to learn how you can use Digital Analytics True Path reporting for your business needs:

  • Get an overview of True Path reporting in the New Digital Analytics Interface
  • See use cases for Retail, Financial, and Travel verticals
  • Learn how to create and analyze for each use case, and the next steps you can take after analyzing your True Path
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The VAR Group works with Italian based clients to digitally transform their businesses from a broadcast model to a one-to-one, scalable, multi-channel experience. Join Peter Lavers, a worldwide expert in Customer Experience Management, as he sits down with Michele Neri, CEO Iperceramica, and Francesca Moriani, CEO VAR Group s.p.a., to learn how the tile and bathroom fixtures retailer leveraged Watson Marketing and Watson Commerce to transform how they analyze behaviors and attract and engage home renovation customers during their complex customer journey.

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IBM Design Thinking is our approach to applying user-centric design at speed and scale to the modern enterprise. It’s a framework to help teams not only form intent but deliver measurable outcomes that advance the bottom line and improve the lives of the people they serve. In a recent study, Forrester calculated the total economic impact of IBM Design Thinking and found that the approach slashed the initial time required for design and alignment by 75% and delivered ROI of 301%.

By attending this session, participants will understand the foundations and practices of design led ROI achieved through IBM Design Thinking. We'll cover how to motivate diverse teams, turn ideas into outcomes and restlessly reinvent so organizations can feel empowered to deliver new results and re-think some of their most complex problems.

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IBM Watson Marketing is excited to announce the availability of our newest IBM Marketing Software (IMS) solutions, version 11. IMS products include IBM Campaign, IBM Interact and others.

Join IBM Offering Management leaders for an enlightening and detailed discussion of the new evolutions which became available in late Q2, 2018.

Key new capabilities in v11 include:

  • AI-powered Watson Assistant in IBM Campaign
  • Cloud-based Managed Hosted versions of the applications (including Campaign, Interact and Marketing Operations)
  • Capabilities to help with GDPR compliance including automation scripts
  • Rapid upgrade package (with special pricing)
  • Many customer enhancements and platform support additions
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The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now in effect, and our client feedback indicates many companies doing business globally are defaulting their policies to be compliant, whether or not their clients are in the EU. Marketers should now shift their GDPR journey from preparation to execution. They should rethink how to capture and manage personal data across all channels and touchpoints, how they generate insights from that data, and how to build compelling yet compliant strategies that will drive create customer experiences.

Please join Sharon Nei and Jonathan Kamien, Offering Management, IBM Watson Marketing, as they share with marketers their latest insights on GDPR, and how you can drive competitive advantage in this new environment.

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Compared to other forms of digital marketing, sending another email campaign can be comparatively simple, and relatively low cost. But what is the impact of frequency and cadence of email sends on results, and on brand value.

New research from IBM Watson Marketing uncovers the answer.

Find out how to maximize your open rates, read rates, click-through rates, and more in this special Webinar.

Jay Baer, founder of Convince & Convert and New York Times best-selling author will be joined by email expert Loren McDonald, from IBM Watson Marketing to discuss the key findings in the new report: 2018 Email and Mobile Marketing Metrics Benchmark.

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90% of the world's data has been created within the last year, providing retailers with endless opportunities to connect through unique, contextual and personalized customer experiences. But, with most of that data being unstructured, it can feel intimidating and difficult to understand, reason, learn and interact with it.

Join us and retail expert and co-founder of the Independent Retailer Conference, Nicole Reyhle, to learn how you can use AI to gain a better understanding of the customer and provide experiences that will set you apart in a crowded and competitive retail market.

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In this webinar, we will share the latest release details of IBM Digital Analytics. Join Aubrey Rupp, Offering Manager for IBM Digital Analytics, to get a deep dive into:

  • User Management for managing permissions in the next generation of Digital Analytics
  • New features for workspaces
  • Updated interaction and distribution options for reports
  • Sneak peak into what's coming next in Digital Analytics 

We look forward to sharing our release information with you so that you can get the most out of your IBM solutions. Bring your questions for a lively discussion!

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It’s not too early to get your business ready for a successful 2018 holiday season. During this community webinar, Customer Analytics Business Support Consultant, Kate Fox will:

  • Provide tips on preparing Analytics reporting for the upcoming holiday season
  • Review areas to examine to improve data collection
  • Share best practices when using the new IBM Support website
  • And more!
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Thousands of companies already rely on IBM Sterling Secure Proxy to shield and secure their managed file transfer environments –and we don’t take that trust for granted. That’s why we’re excited to share the improved security and compliance features now available in Secure Proxy 6.0.

Our solution experts to explore how new tools in this release can help you :

  • Improve compliance and better align with corporate security policies.
  • Enhance security and performance with new proxy filtering.
  • Enable better failover support for high-availability scenarios.
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How actionable is your marketing data and analytics?  Are you drawing the proper insights in a timely matter and developing the appropriate marketing strategies and tactics? Are these strategies generating new opportunities, cultivating existing customers, or otherwise getting people to love your brand?  The “do-it-for-me” (DIFM) analytics tool market is evolving, with new capabilities including AI-powered and predictive analytics. Marketing and CX buyers should get a fresh look at the key benefits this category has to offer.

Please join Aubrey Rupp, Offering Manager, Watson Customer Experience Analytics, IBM Watson Customer Engagement and our guest, Brandon Purcell, Principal Analyst Serving Customer Insights Professionals at Forrester Research, as they help marketers and CX professionals understand technology capabilities, market trends, use cases and the evolving role of the insight-driven marketer. 

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Please join us for this IBM Watson Marketing community webinar. Vernon O'Loughlin from the IBM Digital Analytics Customer Support team will take you through how to track your off-site and on-site marketing links. Clients in the Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Content, and Travel & Hospitality industries will find this particularly useful.  

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Take advantage of Marketing Management Center parameters to track off-site marketing links
  • Track the performance of your on-site links with Site Promotion or Real Estate parameters
  • Easily and effectively report off-site and on-site activity through unified reporting
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Join Senior Customer Analytics Consultant, Tania Flagg, as she provides an introduction into the reporting features available within Watson Customer Experience Analytics (WCXA). During this webinar, we will review:

  • Activity within the Overview, Web and Mobile App dashboards
  • Key stages within Mindset reporting
  • Journey reporting across multiple channels
  • Journey analytics use case scenarios
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Please join the IBM Watson Marketing Offering Management team as we discuss the latest innovations in the Watson Campaign Automation platform. We’ll cover topics including Performance Insights dashboards, AI-powered Watson Assistant, Programs design canvas, mobile marketing capabilities, accessing the new user experience and much more. And of course, we’ll have live Q&A at the end of the presentation.

We look forward to seeing you at this exciting event.

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Instead of streamlining operations, data has forced teams to spend massive amounts of time managing, manipulating or manually exporting and importing spreadsheets and reports. 68 percent of leaders admit that second- and third-party data is only partially or barely integrated into current data systems, providing an incomplete view of a connected customer’s relationship with a product or brand.

How can executives look to technology solutions like Artificial Intelligence to tackle some of the biggest and even some of the most mundane challenges ahead? What growth strategies can these executives develop in concert with one another, to fully unlock the potential of data and the opportunity of today’s customer? 

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Join Sr. Customer Analytics Consultant, Tara Faithful, as she provides an introduction into the ad hoc reporting features available within IBM Digital Analytics. During this webinar, we will review:

  • Understanding Advanced Reporting
  • Creating a Workspace
  • Creating a Report
  • Effectively using Segmentation and Filtering
  • Tag Attributes
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In an environment of “have it your way” consumers and digital transformation pressures, you as a retailer are in a race to deliver a differentiated and superlative customer experience. The brand promise starts from before your customer's first click, and even extends beyond receipt of your product. A key to your success is the ability to rapidly transform fulfilment operations. This includes the ability to leverage store locations and store associates to deliver fulfillment services such as buy online and pick up in store and ship from store – all while balancing operational profitability. IBM Order Management Software v10 is now available to make it easier for you to exceed client expectations such as these while watching the bottom line.

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Hear from industry thought-leaders and academics about the business impact of the disruptive technologies gaining traction in supply chain, including real applications of AI and blockchain driving business results. Learn how supply chain leaders can drive their organizations to be disruptors vs. being disrupted. 

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In our previous webinar, “Join The Marketplace Movement And Grow Your Online Business,” our strategists discussed two ways to approach “the Amazon effect.” One to those was to take advantage of the additional sales channels marketplaces like Amazon create. This webinar is a deep dive into that approach, demonstrating the IBM Watson Commerce integration with ChannelAdvisor. ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces is a SaaS platform for 3P and 1P retailers and branded manufacturers to manage product inventory, expand products into multiple marketplaces and optimize product content globally. It provides data automation, repricing, channel-specific templates and AMS integration services to help win the buy box and grow GMV. Together with IBM, they extend your existing eCommerce investment to reach more customers and help you understand where your best opportunities to sell lie.

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Being the owners of the customer experience is not something we as Marketers take lightly. With 90% of data being created in the last twelve months it has become even more challenging and time-intensive to create real-time and personalized customer experiences. 

IBM’s Watson Marketing portfolio uses AI-Powered technology to extract value from disparate data sources, enabling Marketers to save time, improve collaboration and build trust with customers and internal stakeholders. During this webinar we'll showcase how Watson Marketing helps Marketers to:

  • Capture data from multiple sources to create a holistic view of the customer
  • Collaboratively design and create highly personalized and memorable customer journeys
  • Enhance one-to-one conversations by understanding their customer's unique needs and past behaviors
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Why do the vast majority of digital transformation efforts fail? A lack of customer focus. We’ll show you how AI is scaling and automating the level of insight necessary for businesses to adapt to the age of customer. You’ll learn:

  • How to help ensure digital success by adopting “customer obsession”
  • Why so many digital experience investments fail
  • How to make better technology decisions for your customer experience.
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Don’t limit your sales opportunities and potential revenue simply because the partners you work with still operate using paper based communications! Now with new catalog features and capabilities, learn how IBM Web Forms will boost your competitiveness by improving connectivity with your business partners. Experience frictionless interaction between companies—from the cloud to the client—through a secure, reliable, and data-rich platform!

  • Accelerate Partner Onboarding – Save time!
  • Better Product Information – Increase revenue!
  • Automate Manual Transactions – Reduce cost!
On Demand

Join Customer Analytics Consultant Rainu Climaco, as she covers best practices to identify struggle behavior across the Customer Analytics portfolio. This webinar will focus on utilizing the Struggle Analytics feature within IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience on Cloud. During this webinar, we will:

  • Understand how to navigate and interpret Struggle Analytics standard and custom event data
  • Learn how to quickly identify struggle behavior patterns in order to immediately address and improve visitor experiences
  • Review use cases and provide best practice recommendations on how to best identify and minimize struggle on your e-commerce site
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Recently IDC produced a report looking into the Order Management market. The findings examined the impact that Fulfillment can have on the customer experience. IDC was able to make recommendations as to how retailers can adopt Order Management. Join this webinar to discover how your organization can take advantage of fulfillment capabilities to deliver on the brand promise for customers.

You will learn:

  • How to prepare your supply chain to meet client demands for flexible and efficient order orchestration
  • Why analytics are the key to unlocking profitable fulfillment
  • How to adapt to the changing needs of your customers with the speed and flexibility of a cloud based solution
On Demand

Want to know how businesses like yours use IBM Watson Marketing? IBM Watson Marketing customers show their use of solutions like Watson Campaign Automation, Content Hub, Customer Experience Analytics, and Watson Assistant. Hear directly from John Wiley, Seasalt Cornwall and Ingersoll Rand.

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Constituents, from alumni to students expect more personalization and real-time interactions. With an abundant supply of data flowing from social channels, digital and in-person interactions, universities have no excuse but to know their constituents on a personal level. Learn how you can:

  • Identify and engage alumni or recent graduates that are interested in potentially furthering their education
  • Deploy personalized AI-driven campaigns that prove to engage your audience
  • Access real-time results and constituent insights with Watson Marketing Assistant
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Marketing isn't what it used to be. You've got big data. You've got artificial intelligence. You've got GDPR and agile workflows. All of which ladder up to the holy grail of creating an ever-better customer experience. If you want to compete in this rapid digital world, you need to make your customers happy. Constantly. In this session, you’ll learn about 9 of the trends you can’t ignore that will drive the world of marketing in 2019. 

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Get a sneak-peak into the next release of IBM Sterling Transformation Extender (ITX) that’s planned for release very soon! You’ll get a glimpse of the new user experience for mapping and discover how this functionality helps deliver frictionless connectivity with partners and suppliers in a hybrid cloud world. Learn about:

  • The new User Experience that makes designing and deploying maps simpler and easier 
  • New adapters to engage data on the cloud
  • Using RESTful APIs to save time and reduce coding
  • Quicker deployment with a single Docker image for both on-premise and cloud requirements
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If you’re a user of IBM Connect:Direct you know you can count on it for high-volume, secure, reliable delivery of files between systems. You also know that while it supports a broad set of platforms including – Windows, Unix, Linux and z/OS – it hasn’t been as easy to interact with in a mixed environment as you might like. Connect:Direct V6.0 changes this and more, to bring more value to your organization. I want to make sure you know about the key enhancements in this major, new release so that you can take advantage of them and get the most from your investment in Connect:Direct.

Discover what these new capabilities can do for you:

  • Modern web console simplifies interaction across platforms
  • Intuitive UI enables business users
  • Partner Details Cards accelerate onboarding
  • RESTful API support simplifies integration
On Demand

Hear about exciting and new changes, including the new user experience and Watson Assistant for Marketing. You will learn key ways to use the new user experience, including navigation and what’s different. Additionally, we will help you get the most out of Watson Assistant for Marketing by highlighting some real-world examples so you can better understand and optimize your marketing campaigns.

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Get the inside scoop on the current MarTech landscape and how to navigate the overwhelming ocean of technology marketplaces and vendors as you assess and identify the technologies that are right for your organization

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Disruptive new entrants, regulatory pressures and constant legal and compliance policies challenge marketers in financial services to build a strong and differentiated brand. The number of touch points, outpouring of information and constantly evolving customer expectations only adds to this complexity. Creating personal experiences will invoke brand trust and loyalty, and with an abundant supply of data flowing in from social, digital and in-person interactions this is not out of reach. In this webinar, we'll show you how.

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Customer expectations for omnichannel are intensifying — only a flexible set of optimized capabilities will enable you to keep up.  Attend our webinar with guest speaker from Forrester Research to learn their latest findings on why you need to optimize the omnichannel capabilities in your arsenal and how to design an omnichannel transformation that works.

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IBM recently announced major enhancements to our Managed File Transfer suite, including the availability of IBM Control Center 6.1.2. This is the Control Center release you’ve been waiting for –complete with exciting web console features to help you enable self-service and drive efficiency.

Learn how you can:

  • Customize your views to see what is most relevant to you with our new filter options.
  • Capitalize on data-driven insights to meet business goals –without having any knowledge of Cognos expert –using our quick tips for personalization.
  • Save time by empowering business users to set up their own event alerts.
  • Optimize your Control Center experience (whether you’re technical or not) with our “pro tips.”
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If you are considering, just getting started, or just want to learn more about agile marketing, this session will provide you with the key things you need to know, including:

  • The key frameworks and tools used by agile marketing teams
  • The major benefits of agile marketing vs. traditional marketing processes
  • The various roles and responsibilities within an agile marketing team
  • Necessary elements as part of the agile journey
On Demand

The WCXA Product Suite has many products and reporting features. Learn how you can utilize the WCXA Product Suite for the Financial Vertical.

On Demand

Learn about the new IBM Transformation Extender (ITX) v.10.0 release. This newest release addresses several key requirements for our data transformation clients, including:

  • Enhanced Web-Based User Interface – offering users graphical views of data transformation
  • Docker Containers - reducing installation/maintenance time and resources with cloud-based virtual containers
  • Updated Industry Packs – providing industry specific standards and regulations for Financial Services, Health Care and Supply Chain
On Demand

Want to know how businesses like yours use IBM Watson Marketing? Join this free webinar to see real IBM Watson Marketing customers show their use of solutions like Watson Campaign Automation, Content Hub, Customer Experience Analytics, and Watson Assistant. You'll hear directly from Herschend Family Entertainment during the webinar.

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IBM Watson Marketing is excited to announce the availability of our newest IBM Marketing Software (IMS) solutions, version 11.1. IMS products include IBM Campaign, IBM Interact, IBM Marketing Operations, IBM Contact Optimization and the new Marketing Software Director module. Join our Offering Management leaders for an enlightening and detailed discussion of the newest innovations which became available earlier in March 2019.

On Demand

Join Watson Marketing, Purple Square, and Retial Reflections in this webinar looking at the reasons why customer expectation is what it is today, and we discuss how Watson Marketing is providing a pipeline of insights that allows retailers to quickly decide the best next action.

On Demand

Learn the basics of anomaly analysis and how AI is turning anyone working on their brands’ digital channels into gold prospectors.

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Achieve near-zero downtime and 24x7x365 availability for your B2B Gateway. It’s no longer acceptable to take mission-critical systems offline multiple hours for maintenance. Yet, 80% of IT decision-makers say that their organization suffers from an “availability gap.” You don’t have to. You can achieve near-zero downtime and 24x7x365 availability for your B2B gateway with IBM Global Mailbox. 

Learn how IBM Global Mailbox can help you:

  • Reduce costs by minimizing planned and unplanned downtime.
  • Increase customer satisfaction with an active/active infrastructure that ensures your B2B gateway is always available.
  • Minimize the impact of unexpected events on your data and customers with near real-time disaster recovery.
On Demand

Learn how Proximus uses a real-time decision engine to determine the next-best action based on individual behaviours, preferences and product subscriptions. It sees that artificial intelligence (AI) solutions will play a vital role as it continues to enhance its analytics capabilities. AI is increasingly important to extract hidden trends and patterns from big data during the customer journey.

After this webinar, you will have food for thought to rethink how to deliver personalized services that boost your customer retention.

On Demand

It’s one thing to see what’s happening on your website, it’s entirely different to see why it happened. Join this Think Tank with certified IBM Tealeaf Business Partner, Pereion Solutions, to understand how to use data and AI to diagnose customer experience, remove obstacles and capture lost revenue.

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Learn how you can extend existing B2B collaboration investments and drive net-new innovation with Blockchain, AI, IoT and Hybrid Cloud. 62% of retail and manufacturing leaders say they are likely to change business models by 2020. To succeed while supporting growing supply chain demand, they’ll need to optimize B2B collaboration without adding IT complexity.

Using real-world examples, we’ll explore how these game-changing technologies can enhance proven B2B collaboration solutions – like EDI, B2B networks and B2B gateway software – to accelerate your organization’s digital business transformation.

On Demand

Hear from Forrester Research and IBM Watson Marketing how forward-looking organizations across industries are achieving measurable business outcomes with customer behavior analytics.

On Demand

Join us for an exciting interview-style webinar with Wiley Education Services about their use of Watson Content Hub with Watson Campaign Automation. You'll learn content management best practices and first hand experience using the products, including content management, tagging, and organization.

On Demand

Experts from Gartner and IBM discuss best practices for implementing retail distributed order management systems.

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90% of enterprises will embrace integrated hybrid multi-cloud tools and strategies by 2024 (Source: IDC Market Intelligence). But every organization’s journey will be different. Are you contemplating a move to cloud, but not sure where to begin? We’ll help you understand best practices for moving your B2B Integration solution to hybrid cloud and dispel some common cloud myths. Hear answers to these questions:

  • What are the benefits of moving my B2B gateway to hybrid cloud?
  • How can I move to cloud while maintaining control over my data?
  • Will I still be able to meet my SLAs?
On Demand

Learn how you can make the most of your WCXA products by partnering with your Client Success Manager and the Support team, including:

  • How you can leverage your Client Success Manager as a resource in IBM
  • Client success rooted in collaboration with IBM teams
  • How you can contact Support
  • Free engagements Support offers to improve your knowledge and satisfaction
On Demand

Your business is complex and constantly evolving in order to delight customers and meet your objectives. Your file transfer solution needs to keep pace, but it doesn’t need to add to the complexity. You need a proven and capable managed file transfer (MFT) solution that simplifies the complex and moves at the speed of business.

Learn how the right MFT capabilities help drive out complexities and enable you to:

  • Engage and enable all users through a simple, approachable UX
  • Easily connect with your trading partners with simplified partner onboarding
  • Simplify integration with mission-critical systems with RESTful APIs
  • Efficiently monitor file transfer activity across the whole B2B environment in a single view
  • Improve compliance with corporate authentication capabilities and enhanced edge security
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Did you know approximately 48% of emails end up in a subscriber's SPAM folder (according to Statista)? The problem is real for marketers, and most don't even know it. Good news is that experts like Cuisinart and Whereowhere are here to tell you the 5 key ways to fix email deliverability. They'll share a detailed story about taking an email marketing program with many deliverability issues to the world class email marketing it is today.

On Demand

How do AI & blockchain provide value to supply chains? Listen to Shari Diaz, IBM, and Theresa Cetnarowski, CSCMP, discuss the future of supply chain with AI and blockchain. They will provide insight into your top questions around the application of these technologies in the supply chain now and beyond. 

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The Pan-European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL) enables government organizations and private companies to exchange electronic trading documents over its network. While PEPPOL started in the European Union to establish standards for electronic public procurement, it's now being adopted across the globe.

Join us to hear PEPPOL and electronic trade thought leaders discuss the impact and prospects for this standard.

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Learn how you can deliver targeted, personalized experiences across the customer journey by leveraging AI powered solutions that help you improve engagement and increase revenue – delivering the right message at the right time through the most effective channel.

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The overlay data available in the WCXA Product Suite allows clients to view many metrics and understand page performance from Snapshots. Join this webinar to learn about the data available and how to best utilise the overlay analytics.

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If you’re in a business that demands e-commerce omnichannel fulfillment, you know that complexity and costs are rising. Is your order management system keeping up? To manage more shipments, more inventory locations and the increase in fulfillment options that customers demand, you need an advanced solution.

IBM Watson Order Optimizer enhances your existing order management system with the power of AI.  This big data engine provides decision-making tools to help you fulfill your orders more efficiently.  The optimization model helps you balance inventory levels to avoid stockouts and costly markdowns, to reduce the total cost of serving customers and increase profit margins.

This 14-minute webinar discusses:

  • Examples of variables Watson Order Optimizer can help you manage
  • How the solution improves processes like ship-from-store and split shipments
  • Security and scalability of the SaaS, cloud-based solution

Make better decisions faster and gain fulfillment power with AI.

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New tools to proactively manage your fulfillment network. The trend to omnichannel has made fulfillment processes more complex than ever before. Fulfillment professionals manage nodes and order, inventory visibility and sourcing and scheduling, all the while trying to adapt to changing demand. To make more informed decisions, they need better information. New business user controls, part of IBM Order Management, can help. The system offers dashboards that provide advanced information, such as:

  • Node and order-based alerts
  • Order age
  • Delivery method
  • Visuals of node performance
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Explore the capabilities and advantages of the high availability Global Mailbox solution from IBM.  A panel of experts answers questions and comments on how Global Mailbox can significantly increase the up-time of your supply chain infrastructure. Discover how your data centers can be up and running 24x7x365.

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For more than 50 years, EDI has been an accepted standard for all business document transactions, yet enterprises find it challenging to implement with their small trading partner networks. In this webinar, you will hear how successful organizations like Greenworks Tools, Misumi USA, and Southwire are handling their manual transactions with their small partner networks. You will also understand how AI is helping them get better visibility into all their supply chain business transactions (EDI and non-EDI).

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The IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network Inflight enhancements you want are here. The enhancements were driven by your feedback and designed to improve usability and increase InFlight’s effectiveness.

Join us to learn how you can:

  • View more relevant information at once with improved screen layout
  • Improve your searches with intuitive and customizable search
  • Save time and reduce frustration with streamlined navigation
  • Get a sneak peak of what is coming next
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In this webinar, we will hear from Senior Research Analyst for IDC Retail Insights, Giulio Raffaele, the findings of the IDC 2019 WW Retail Commerce Platform Providers 2018 Vendor Assessment MarketScape and reveal the secrets to what retailers need to do now to build a foundation for future success.

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Join us for our quarterly IBM Watson Campaign Automation webinar to hear about exciting and new changes, such as Programs, Performance Insights, and the Content Creation experience. Additionally, we will help you get the most out of Watson Assistant and the new navigation so you can better understand and optimize your marketing campaigns.

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Join us to learn why implementation is easier with IBM Order Management. The featured speaker is Kim Glasscock, formerly Global Digital Solutions Delivery Manager at Fossil Group, Inc. and now Delivery Director at Zilker Technology LLC. Kim will speak to her experience with implementing IBM Order Management at Fossil Group, and now advising Zilker clients. 

The webinar will feature implementation guidelines for the IBM Order Management platform and highlight the following benefits: 

  • Since IBM’s platform is built around concept configuration and open APIs, IBM partners like Zilker Technology, and even clients themselves, can implement and manage the platform.
  •  The implementation methodology can often be as simple as writing an extension for the platform that configures it to fit your needs. 
  • Since implementation is easier and faster, total cost of ownership (TCO) is reduced. 
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Seasalt Cornwall's Development and Insight Director, Aron Cody-Boutcher, showcases how they reduced cart abandonment and increased sales by 4% by connecting brand touchpoints to optimize their customers’ experience. We’ll also provide actionable steps to take back to your team to help accelerate your progress in creating a holistic, real-time view of your customers, amplifying marketing's impact on the business.

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Watson Customer Analytics Product Suite has many products and reporting features. Join this webinar to learn how you can utilize the WCA Product Suite. 

During this webinar, Customer Analytics Business Support Consultant Vernon O'Loughlin will provide: 

  • How WCA works and its components  
  • The three platforms that make up the WCA Product Suite  
  • Best Use Cases and Scenarios  
  • For Tealeaf, Digital Analytics,  & Watson Customer Experience Analytics 
  • Benefits of leveraging all components of WCA  
  • How they support each other and provide answers to client’s business needs 
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How much time do you spend piecing together the various documents in a transaction to answer your business user client’s question, “what is the status of this order?”.  Imagine how much time you would save if an AI could build the puzzle for you?   Or better yet, if your business user client could just ask the AI themselves? 

See how AI can correlate related documents in real-time to create a holistic view of all relevant transactions.   Join us to learn how you can: 

  • Use natural language to empower business users to find instant answers about complex transactions 
  • Leverage AI to correlate documents together to understand transaction "flows" in their full context to solve real business problems  
  • Enable business users to be proactive with B2B data issues, rather than reactive or reliant on the EDI team.   
  • Don’t miss this chance to see a demo of Business Transaction Intelligence (BTI) and Anomaly Detection and have your questions answered by our solution experts and see in detail why you will want to switch to start using BTI.  
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) will transform the modern supply chain, enabling new levels of visibility, transparency and trust. Learn how AI can change the game for your operations –and find out how machine learning works through real-world supply chain scenarios and use cases. You’ll be amazed how much you can do with AI today.  

Key takeaways: 

  • Why AI is an important IT strategy now  
  • How AI can help to predict and mitigate disruptions and risks  
  • How recent Machine Learning can empower supply chain today 
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Visibility, monitoring, analytics and governance over your B2B and managed file transfer environment is absolutely critical for you to be effective. Whether you use Axway, Globalscape, IBM or other B2B and managed file transfer solutions, join us to learn how you can gain visibility and governance over your complex system.

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Join this webinar to hear:

  • How Order Orchestration can complement your existing systems, including integrating with your ERP
  • Why optimizing your delivery processes is the key to reducing costs in a complex environment
  • What taking advantage of new channels and surpassing your clients expectations can do for your business
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Docker containers will power your future deployment efforts.  IBM is actively working to containerize Connect:Direct for UNIX currently. Please join this webcast to learn about:    

  • Image composition and container creation 

  • Our approach to persistent data 

  • Using Kubernetes to power DevOps, scalability and transportability of your mission critical MFT systems 

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During this webinar, Customer Analytics Business Support Consultant Kate Fox will review: 

  • Tips on tagging and measuring your off-site marketing campaigns in Digital Analytics  

  • Common issues with MMC tags 

  • Best practices for testing and correcting invalid MMC tags 

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Public sector electronic trade mandates, Standardization and Interoperability, embodied by PEPPOL (Pan European Public Procurement Online) are reinvigorating EDI. PEPPOL is quickly expanding beyond the European Union to make Global trade easier, and more beneficial for all. Learn about five factors that can help you choose the right PEPPOL provider and what IBM can offer. 

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Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard (EBICS) is an internet-based communication and security standard. Join this webinar to learn how with the latest release of IBM B2B Integrator we provide improved monitoring and visibility for EBICS transactions. 

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If your business sells through many smaller entities you have struggled with wanting automated electronic B2B transactions but your customer lacking the ability to do electronic B2B, technology, resources and expertise.  Learn how to make it easier for you to bring your entire catalog offering of multiple brands online to sell. Enterprises can deliver their product catalogs with specific, non-EDI customers through a web portal, defining the business rules for every catalog as well as the ordering process. 

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Join IBM clients, Simon Ellis, Program Vice President of the Supply Chain Strategies Practices at IDC, Nickolas Bonivento, EDI Manager at Anheuser Busch – Labatt, and Vijay Pandiarajan, Director of Offering Management for IBM Sterling as they discuss the evolution of multi-enterprise supply chain networks, the impact of new technologies and how can companies future-proof their business for the multi-enterprise data challenge.

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Recent enhancements to Connect:Direct Windows that eliminate the need for stored passwords, increasing your efficiency and saving you time. 

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Considering an upgrade to the latest version (6.0) of IBM B2B Integrator or IBM File Gateway?  We highly recommend listening to this 1/2 hour session first.  Get the insider information on what's new and what you need to consider in advance of your upgrade. 

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If you have a distributed order management system (OMS), congratulations! You’ve taken the first step to tackle the rising costs and complexity in your omnichannel network. Now explore how adding AI can take you even further. IBM AI-powered Watson Order Optimizer solution is helping enterprise retailers enhance their OMS by moving beyond traditional rules-based logic to make better decisions, faster.

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Thousands of enterprises entrust their critical payloads to IBM Sterling Connect:Direct for secure and reliable point-to-point managed file transfer. But an ever-expanding number of endpoints and file transmissions presents a growing security and management challenge. With IBM’s new Control Center Director, you can manage, configure and update your entire Connect:Direct infrastructure from a single console.

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In this webinar, you will learn how Syncsort and IBM are partnering to modernize B2B connectivity so you can break down siloes, enable the flow of information across your business, quickly onboard new partners, and fuel collaboration.

You will also hear real-world examples of customers who use IBM B2B Integration to integrate business documents and processes across their B2B network through an always-on, automated, scalable, and secure B2B integration gateway. The result is frictionless connectivity with partners and suppliers leveraging the hybrid cloud.