On Demand

Change has always been a constant. But the pace of change is accelerating dramatically. For today’s DevOps teams, the challenge is to deliver innovation at the pace the enterprise needs without compromising quality and reliability.

Join ServiceNow expert, Eric Ledyard, Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager, and ServiceNow Partner, Tameem Hourani, from RapDev as they discuss how DevOps teams can reduce the internal friction that slows effective change management. Attendees will learn how to tap into information already in their systems for the insight they need to speed up change while maintaining control, transparency, and integrity. 

By attending this webinar, you will:

  • Learn more about the evolving best practices for speeding up change while meeting service and quality expectations.
  • Find out how development teams can collaborate more effectively with IT Operations to deliver quality solutions that adhere to enterprise policy and standards.
  • Get more information on the ServiceNow solutions available to address the challenge of accelerating change while ensuring discipline and transparency.