On Demand

Worldpay is a pioneer in payments processing technology and solutions for merchant customers, processing over 40 billion transactions annually through more than 300 payment types across 146 countries and 126 currencies. Using ServiceNow, Worldpay created an organization wide platform to redesign the delivery of run/support, so the focus of the customer experience sits at the first level of support, backed up by Level 2. In this way, DevOps teams receive only the feedback specific to the micro capabilities they are focused on, which form the building blocks of more comprehensive business services for Worldpay merchants and customers.

Join this session to learn from Jason Scott-Taggart, Head of Business Technology Support at Worldpay the benefits gained from the ServiceNow platform, in particular the importance of a well-structured business service catalogue and the power of tool integrations in their journey of building a system for running agile at scale.