On Demand

Honeywell Trace™ is a new generation documentation and change analysis software for engineering configuration activities. Trace documents and retains the tribal knowledge performed on your control system and prevents undesired behaviors while increasing uptime, visibility and control. 

Join Honeywell Process Solutions’ Product Manager Fredrick Moore for this 60-minute webinar to learn the new features in Honeywell Trace™ R121, such as:

  • Disconnected Mode:  Import engineering data from off network plants or assets, consolidating multiple systems into one document
  • PHD Shadow Server Support
  • TPS Logical View & Hardware View improvements
  • Extended Hardware View topology, now supporting SM, Triconex, & FSC
  • Extended system support:  EHPM & ELMM

Honeywell Trace™ will become your software of choice for troubleshooting, lifecycle management, performance reporting, safety compliance, and incident avoidance.