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Video has developed to be the new entertainment where the reality becomes virtual. By 2022, the video share is expected to generate up to 75% of the total mobile data traffic.

How can operators prepare for the next wave in capacity?

Just as carrier aggregation has been key to adding needed capacity to mobile broadband networks, Massive MIMO has the potential to be the primary capacity enabler in the next upgrade phase, providing a smooth transition towards 5G. Massive MIMO is a key technology for the bridge from 4G to 5G, adding intelligent capacity and boosting user experience to fulfil their needs. 

In this webinar, we will present our new innovation, part of the Ericsson Radio System, AIR 3246 (Antenna Integrated Radio) which supports Massive MIMO.

Join our webinar to learn more about Massive MIMO and our latest radio innovation

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Following successful trials and approval to deploy, Verizon is ready to roll-out License Assisted Access (LAA), unleashing close to gigabit speeds in the network. LAA allows operators to share wi-fi spectrum for LTE carrier aggregation. Watch this webinar to learn more about the technology and understand the planning and deployment considerations.

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Introducing 5G network services to support operators from preparation to 5G launch. Ericsson 5G services roadmap spans across three distinct phases: Prepare, Mobilize and Launch. 

Through our service offerings, Operators can now evolve their existing networks and smoothly start introducing 5G; reaching new heights on their journey to 5G.

Join the webinar and find out how Ericsson can help you transform and evolve your networks for 5G.

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Join us for an exclusive one-hour webinar focused on the operator readiness and business potential of 5G. For the second year in a row, we surveyed executives from leading-edge operators around the world about how they’ve progressed in evaluating technology, creating strategies, and building business models.

Gain insights into leading operators’ thoughts on the essential features of 5G and the opportunities they plan to pursue to monetize 5G. 

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The semi-annual Ericsson Mobility Report delivers unmatched insights into the present and future of mobile technology usage as well as the proliferation of IoT and connected devices.

Please join us for an exclusive one-hour webinar for the launch of our November 2017 edition.
Our projections run to 2023 and include:

  • How the number of subscriptions for technologies such as 5G and  LTE will change
  • How mobile traffic will grow between 2017 and 2023 on applications such as video and social networks
  • What percentage of the population LTE and 5G will cover in 2023

The report also contains feature articles on:

  • Why service providers must offer a variety of mobile data options to their customers
  • How digitalized services enhance live event experiences
  • What millennial consumers expect from 5G wireless technology
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Key highlights



It is forecasted that, by 2022, the typical backhaul capacity for a high-capacity radio site will be in the 1Gbps range, rising to 3–5Gbps by 2025.  It is also predicted that 80 percent of sites in an advanced mobile broadband network will still be operating under 350Mbps in 2022, though by 2025 this will have increased to 600Mbps.

With the introduction of 5G in microwave bands, the availability and usage of microwave spectrum for fixed services will go through a major transformation the coming years. E-band will grow in importance and in usage, and we will see an introduction of new bands around and beyond 100 GHz.

Transport networks need to support new types of radio networks and additional interfaces with different requirements on bandwidth and latency, but the diverse deployment possibilities in 5G RAN makes actual transport requirements vary more than in typical 4G networks.
Join us to learn more.

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Ericsson is introducing the 5G Radio Dot for enhanced mobile broadband, enabling operators to meet rising demand for superior indoor connectivity. This small cell solution will support emerging 5G industrial applications such as connected factories, connected hospitals, and connected mining by bringing needed higher speeds and capacity, which cannot be addressed by traditional indoor systems.  An industry-leading small cell solution. It provides a simple upgrade path for existing Radio Dot System deployments, adding 5G technology capabilities.

Join the webinar to learn more about:

  • User behavior, deployment methods, and new technologies that are leading the next big thing in small cells
  • Ericsson¹s 5G small cells solution that will enable this way forward
  • Product details and use cases for the newly launched small cell products
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This growth in traffic, the ever-changing opportunities and challenges that mobile operators see in their markets lead to new demands on Ericsson and on Ericsson Radio System. To meet these new and changing demands, Ericsson continuously further-develops its Ericsson Radio System and in this webinar, we will talk about news in our product portfolio which is the result of our intensified research and development activities. This webinar is divided in three areas which are directly linked to operator demands:

  • To be first with 5G in their market
  • To be able to grow 4G capacity in their network now with 5G-proof products
  • To see that Ericsson continuously strengthens its Ericsson Radio System product portfolio, to be even better able to fit specific needs that operators have for RAN network infrastructure
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Media & Analyst briefing plus Machine Intelligence, IoT, and more - click to expand

  • Media & Analyst briefing with Ericsson CEO Börje Ekholm
  • News and announcements of the day
  • Behind the scenes in Ericsson’s hall – a live tour of the setup and content to come during the broadcasts
  • Machine Intelligence (includes technology demonstrations)
  • IoT strategies for Operators (includes technology demonstrations)
  • Unified Delivery network (UDN) (includes technology demonstrations)
  • Highlights from the morning program
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5G and Innovation - business and demos - click to expand

  • News and announcements of the day
  • Overview of Ericsson 5G story
  • Network Intelligence for easy operations
  • Edge Analytics
  • 5G ready hardware and Ericsson Radio systems launch (includes technology demonstrations)
  • How to capture 5G IoT business potential (includes technology demonstrations)
  • Innovation Labs
  • Innovation / Critical machine types (includes technology demonstrations)
  • Uniteam - Technology trends at MWC from the perspective of Generation Z
  • Highlights and recap of the day
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Mission critical IoT – click to expand

  • News and announcements of the day
  • 5G patent and licensing space – Ericsson’s Chief IP Officer
  • Technology transforming humanitarian response with Ericsson and World Food Program’s CIO
  • Sustainability and energy efficiency (includes technology demonstrations)
  • What will happen in 2018. Next step 5G trials
  • Winter sports event powered by 5G
  • Industry view on 5G
  • Interview with Telia - industry view on 5G
  • Cellular IOT opportunities for Operators including technology demonstrations
    • Landslide disaster and emergency alert
    • Smart water irrigation – together with partner Monas
    • VoLTE over Cat 1 – together with partner Tellit
    • E health - together with partner Sony
    • Smart agriculture with partner e-kakashi
  • Critical Applications trial with Swisscom - connected train
  • The need for additional cells beyond Macro (Densify) and the multitude of options available
  • Uniteam - Technology trends at MWC from the perspective of Generation Z
  • Highlights from the show
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Network slicing - innovation in core business – click to expand

  • News and announcements of the day
  • Industry reflections from Ericsson’s CTO
  • 5G deployment - Spectrum considerations (includes technology demonstrations)
  • Network slicing and automation return on investments (includes technology demonstration)
  • Towards 5G Consumer Future- New ConsumerLab report (includes technology demonstration)
  • Innovation in core business - includes technology demonstrations in the following areas:
    •  Future Factories
    •  Intelligent Care assistance
    • Enabling VR
  • Where and why to deploy massive MIMO?
  • Uniteam - Technology trends at MWC from the perspective of Generation Z
  • Highlights and recap of the show
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Digital Transformation – click to expand

  • News and announcements of the day
  • Digital Transformation with Jan Karlsson, Head of Digital Services
  • Value of analytics for your business
  • Monetize in a 5G world
  • Digital Transformation - interview with Ericsson customers
  • Programmable and automated networks
  • 5G consumer story (includes technology demonstrations)
  • Opportunities beyond Mobile Broadband - Fixed Wireless Access
  • 5G radio dot. Indoor coverage requirements for 5G and use cases both industry and consumer
  • Gigabit LTE - Industry trends and business aspects
  • Mobile Transport Evolution towards 5G
  • Ericsson’s brilliant minds
  • Opportunities beyond Mobile Broadband - Public Safety and Mission Critical communication
  • Uniteam - Technology trends at MWC from the perspective of Generation Z
  • Highlights of the morning and recap
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Security and Communication Services – click to expand

  • News and announcements of the day
  • Security roundtable (includes technology demonstration)
  • Security for the Connected Car Ecosystem with Argus (partner)
  • NFV transformation (includes technology demonstration)
  • Business rationale for distributed cloud (includes technology demonstration)
  • Communication services (5G and VoLTE) (includes technology demonstration)
  • Innovation panel
  • Telecoms - from B2C to a fully integrated eco-system 
  • Managed Services - overview with Peter Laurin, Head of Managed Services
  • Managed Energy Infrastructure - together with Panasonic
  • Managed Services
    • Customer Experience and Operational Performance
    • Managed Services - Automation & AI
    • Managed Services - Managing New Technologies
  • Uniteam - Technology trends at MWC from the perspective of Generation Z
  • Highlights and reflections from MWC from Ericsson’s executive team and major operators
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With Citizen Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), Verizon will have access to new spectrum for LTE starting in second half 2018.  Following a successful trial in Irving, the ecosystem is coming together including Qualcomm, Alphabet, Federated Wireless and Ericsson. This is one more piece of the LTE Advancements that will provide new LTE capacity in Verizon networks and an additional building block on the road to 5G.

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This webinar will cover considerations around NR deployment including transport, hub and site acquisition.

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This webinar will review the Ericsson 5G NR Radio roadmap, 5G Core and 5G ready transport.

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This webinar will review learnings from our 5GTF trial deployments.

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This webinar will cover the current status, scope and scale for the Ericsson 5GTF markets that are part of Verizon’s initial commercial launches in 2018.

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Welcome and Introduction
Alan Ganson, Head of Industry Analyst Relations

Strategy Update: Business Environment and the Ericsson Focused Strategy
Helena Norrman, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer and Head of Group Function Marketing and Corporate Relations 

Ericsson North America
Niklas Heuveldop,President and Head of Ericsson North America

Ericsson Managed Services 
Michael Westling, Head of Strategy, Business Area Managed Services


On Demand

Taking 5G commercial
Jawad Manssour - Head of Portfolio Management, Business Area Networks

Get prepared for 5G – start with the core
Peo Lehto, Head of Solution Line Packet Core, Business Area Digital Services
Sheng-Ann Yu, Head of Solution Line Distributed Cloud, Business Area Digital Services

Why fixed wireless access makes sense today
Sven Hellsten, Head of special projects, Portfolio Management, Business Area Networks

Transport for 5G
Hemant Malik, Head of Product LineTransport (tbc), Business Area Networks

On Demand

Ericsson AI & Automation story
Farjola Peco, Technology Strategist, Group Function Technology

Sushanth David, Director Portfolio Management within Solution Line Management & Orchestration Solution and Service Readiness, Business Area Digital Services

Analytics & Assurance, CENX Acquisition
Thomas Kinnman, Head of Solution Line Analytics & Assurance, Business Area Digital Services

Jia You, Head of Automation Architecture, Business Area Managed Services

On Demand

IoT and Cellular Connectivity

IoT Platfoms including Automotive and Advanced Industries
Jeff Travers, Head of IoT, Business Area Technologies and New Businesses

Bodil Josefsson, Head of IoT Security, Business Area Digital Services, Business Area Technologies and New Businesses

The big need for small cells
Paul Challoner, Vice President, Network Product Solutions, North America

On Demand

Welcome and Introduction

Viraj Parekh (Chairman), Vickie Lonker (VP Vz), Yossi Cohen (CU), Tomas Ageskog (BDGS), Ziad Belhadj and Peter Engblom (Chairmen)

Opening key note by Verizon – our host

Vicki Lonker, VP Enterprise Products

OSS/BSS demo show

Introducing 11 innovative demos to be displayed at the event

The 5G future expected by consumers

ConsumerLab present expectations on 5G and how zero-touch will change the customer experience.

Opportunities in the world of 5G and IoT

Reflections of Arthur D. Little, the Management Consultancy Company

Panel: Business dynamics om the American market.

One of the biggest markets, one of the leading markets and one of the most innovative markets. What are the views, findings and reflections of the leading American service providers? Sprint, Verizon, TMO, Ericsson. Moderated by ADL

On Demand

Reflections from the first day

Driving Innovation and Disruption

Reflections from Deloitte Consulting

Amazon Web Services - the view of a disruptor

AWS telling the story of how they disrupted their industry and formed a new digital business

Portfolio strategy  presentation

How Ericsson complete OSS/BSS portfolio is developed to serve all demands of a digital service provider.

5G - from enablers to monetization

The complete grip of 5G, from the technology behind, the management and the new monetization patterns.

IoT Ecosystem: Partnerships, device orchestration, monetization, connectivity, business models

End-2-end view on the IoT ecosystem, the opportunities and the considerations

Experience Sharing

Sprint share their IoT experiences

OSS/BSS User Group closing

On Demand

BSS Portfolio update

What’s the latest news on Ericsson BSS portfolio and coming priorities?

Innovative campaigns and offers - Global Inspirations

What's hot and what's not from a marketing and business development perspective?

Charging Billing and Mediation Update

What are the strategies, challenges and opportunities of Ericsson BSS portfolio?

Experience Sharing

T-Mobile USA sharing their experiences from virtualizing and upgrading Charging System

Experience Sharing

Entel sharing their experiences, results and advice on their successful business transformation

Catalog Manager/ Order Care enhancements for the future and here and now.

Simplicity and automation achieved through ECM/EOC for 5G and IoT.B2B story with ECM/EOC

Experience Sharing

Turkcell sharing their experiences from implementing catalog driven charging

On Demand

Experience Sharing

Short operator stories about various topics (Singtel, Zain Kuwait, AT&T,  Etisalat Egypt, EMT Estonia)

Facing the customers

Bot-driven, artificial intelligence enabled omni-channel customer interaction enabled by Ericsson Digital Experience Platform

Industrialized and future Use Cases

Business innovation made easy with features delivered in recent BSS releases

Operator sharing: VEON is transforming with Revenue Manager

On Demand

Automation journey with NextGen OSS

Automation journey from VNF automation to Network Slicing, built on a container based microservices OSS architecture

Experience  Sharing

Turkcell share their experiences

Evolution of enterprise services and its Enablers

Enterprise business and ways of realization across hybrid networks.

Experience  Sharing

Verizon share their experiences.

Leverage Analytics for Superior End-user experience and Improved Monetization

Experience  Sharing

T-Mobile share their experiences

Simplifying NW transformation with optimized E2E solution.

Leveraging ENM as unified Network Management and building  block for Automation

Experience  Sharing

On Demand

Deep dive into insight driven automation through EEA

Automation of complex tasks with granular, accurate and actionable knowledge with insights from data.

Experience  Sharing

KDDI share their experiences

E2E Service Assurance from reactive to proactive

Overall service assurance strategy and vision

Experience  Sharing

Verizon share their service assurance experiences

5G Slicing - from planning to operation

On Demand

Contents:  As we move to 5G with increasing traffic in our networks we want to make the best use of the NFVi and DC hardware. The software defined infrastructure, SDI describes how, with the help of the Intel Rack Scale, we can by using software define and scale compute, storage and networking independently, while making use of excisting hardware from different vendors.

Speaker:     Ulf Jönsson, Product manager, Cloud & NFVi, Digital services, Ericsson

On Demand

Contents: As cloud native applications such as the new 5G core are introduced the NFVi needs to be evolved to cater for containerized applications. We believe Kubernetes will be the most commonly used platform and in this presentation we will outline how the Ericsson NFVi will be evolved to manage both VM’s and containers at the introduction of cloud native applications.

Speaker: Ulf Jönsson and Francois Lemarchand, Product management, Cloud & NFVi, Digital services, Ericsson

On Demand

Content: In the telco cloud there will be a common NFVi, NFV infrastructure for all or many applications. This will impose the need for a new way to operate the network in a more horizontal way, which also requires new KPI’s and skillsets. This transformation is not easy and we will present different alternatives based on operator strategies as well as experiences from leading operators.

Speaker: Dileep Saxena,  Principal consultant, Digital services consulting, Ericsson

On Demand

Contents: The state of the NFV deployments today and lessons learned from leading operators to date.
What are the next steps to get the NFV platforms ready for 5G cloud native applications?

Speaker: Jan Häglund, Head of portfolio and R&D, Digital Services, Ericsson  

On Demand

Contents: The NFV & 5G platform will require orchestration of both user services and network resources and configurations. To achieve the benefits

Automation will be required to replace todays manual work. This will outline the Ericsson dynamic orchestration as a complete solution for full life cycle management of products and services.

Speaker: Marton Sabli, Head of orchestration solutions, Digital Services, Ericsson