On Demand

Extended reality (XR) is already providing revolutionary experiences today. Taking XR to the next level of immersion within the power and thermal constraints of a mobile device is a critical challenge. A new era in distributed computing powered by 5G, on-device processing, and edge cloud processing could offer a solution. What if we combine the power-efficient, latency-sensitive on-device rendering and tracking of the XR headset with the partial rendering capabilities of the edge cloud over a 5G link with low latency and high quality-of-service? We get boundless mobile XR experiences with photorealistic visuals. Making this vision a reality will require the entire XR and 5G ecosystem coming together. Join us.

This presentation will discuss:

  • The challenges of mobile XR and achieving the next level of immersion
  • A distributed computing XR architecture that augments essential on-device processing with edge cloud processing over 5G
  • The boundless XR business opportunity, the role of the XR and 5G ecosystem, and the benefits of them working together
  • Potential new experiences made possible by boundless XR