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How are your email and mobile marketing programs performing compared to the average in your industry? Are you able to join the ranks of the Top Performers? Discover the latest mobile and email benchmark data and learn how you can better measure your success and improve future initiatives.

In this webinar, Loren McDonald and David Miller of Acoustic will share results of Acoustic’s exclusive “2019 Marketing Benchmark Report,” an analysis of email and mobile metrics from messages sent during 2018. And, long-time user of benchmark data, Brian Sisolak, Vice President, Technology Services at Trilogy Interactive, will share his successes, pitfalls and observations on the meaning of the metrics themselves.

You’ll get insights on:

  • Comparing metrics to top- and bottom-quartile performers, as well as the average 
  • How measurements differ by industry and geographic region
  • How to use this data to map strategies and tactics to boost your programs
  • Using benchmarks to educate executives and acquire budget 
  • Learn benchmarking best practices and tips

And, for attending the webinar, you will receive a customizable PowerPoint presentation for sharing and discussing performance and opportunities for improvement with your co-workers and executives.

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Welcome to Acoustic - the world's leading independent AI-powered marketing cloud recently spun off from IBM. Join CEO Mark Simpson and Jay Henderson, SVP, Product Management, as they share details on our company's new agility, product vision and mission to enable marketers to “unleash their brilliance” through purpose-built AI-powered tools and an open platform.

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SMS is one of the most engaged and highest ROI channels available to marketers, and yet many marketing organizations have yet to embrace this powerful channel. Lack of customer mobile contact information and permission or simply uncertainty about how to best use this channel are typical reasons preventing brands from leveraging SMS. However, not using this channel - or not deploying SMS effectively - means you may not be reaching many customers who increasingly prefer to receive communications on their mobile devices.

In this webinar, we will share case studies and use cases to help marketers understand how to get started with SMS and where this channel may best fit into their overall communications and marketing strategy. You will learn best practices and tips in areas including:

  • Approaches to building your SMS permission database
  • Leveraging automation to deliver behavior- and event-based messages
  • Integrating SMS as part of a broader omni-channel strategy
  • Copywriting approaches that minimize opt outs while increasing engagement and conversion
  • Using CRM and customer behavioral data to deliver highly targeted messages at the right time
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Has understanding how your marketing campaigns have performed got you stressed? In this 60 minute webinar we will show Acoustic Campaign clients useful reports and insights that should be leveraged to help drive continuous improvement in your marketing efforts. We’ll share improvements and advancements coming to Performance Insights, including improved loading time and capabilities you can't access within Classic Reports.

In this webinar you will also learn how to:

  • Create shareable Workspaces with everyone (even without a login)
  • Design custom widgets for creating tables, KPIs, and graphs
  • Use filters and date ranges to get the right data at the right time
  • Export data in multiple formats (pdf, Excel, CSV, or png)
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The NRF predicts retail holiday sales will increase about 4%, higher than the 3.7% average over the last five years and nearly double 2018 retail holiday sales which were up 2.1%. For many retailers the holiday season can comprise as much as 30% of annual revenues making the holiday season critical for most retail and ecommerce brands.

In this webinar we will share a variety of tips and best practices in email marketing, mobile, data management, customer experience and web content that can help ensure a successful holiday season and great experience for customers. Tips shared will be for three holiday periods: Preparing for the holidays, during the holiday season, and after the holidays are over. In this 60-minute webinar topics covered will include:

  • Data preparation: Integrations, behavioral data, hygiene and segmentation
  • Creating integrated, multi-channel holiday campaigns
  • Simple design and content techniques to reduce friction for shoppers
  • Leveraging behavioral, journey and struggle analytics to make in-holiday corrections
  • Turning new holiday gift-buying customers into repeat and loyal customers
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For more than 20 years marketing has been and continues to be one of the most flexible and innovative business disciplines. And the pace of innovation is only increasing. It’s a tremendous effort to keep in front of trends and guide your organizations to deliver the most effective, personalized customer experiences. There is hope! In this session, we’ll discuss 4 trends marketers cannot ignore to drive results into 2020 and beyond.

After this webinar presentation, you’ll be able to:

  • Discuss the biggest misconception in buying marketing technology
  • Understand how new privacy regulations in California can actually work to your benefit
  • Know how implicit behavior can help marketers shape better customer experiences
  • Have answers to the new question around AI-powered marketing: Build or buy?
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Building a marketing technology stack for your organization can be an overwhelming initiative especially when you design, develop and stand-up from scratch. With the growth of AI and machine learning-based tools, the need for greater integration across marketing technologies and data sources, and alignment with sales and other departments - getting the MarTech stack right is critical to marketing and business success. And as you prepare for how your marketing organization will succeed in 2020 and beyond, alignment of your marketing technology plans with your actual marketing and business is paramount.

In this webinar led by Jae Lee, Acoustic’s Global Revenue Marketing Lead, you will learn:

  • The key ingredients in designing, building and stand-up a MarTech stack
  • How to assess and identify the right technologies and navigate through the process
  • The key steps to building a MarTech stack
  • How the Acoustic marketing team built its stack from scratch and is using its own technology to drive marketing