Modeling & Optimizing Your Marketing Plays For 2018

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You’ve got ABM buy-in but now disconnected data & processes stand in the way of implementation - sound familiar? Get the roadmap to operationlize your ABM plans here.

Watch this session for an overview on how to crawl, walk and then run in the seven key activities needed to develop and implement ABM initiatives. You’ll get the insights you need, along with a seven-page workbook to create a real roadmap that outlines every element necessary to operationalize ABM for your organization now, in 2018 and beyond. 

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By looking at more than just clicks: learn how LookBookHQ created a 41% improvement in SAL to SQL and improved velocity by 5 days.

This session uncovers:

  • The problem with traditional marketing metrics;
  • The benefits of measuring content consumption and how it works; and
  • How intelligent content delivery provides buyers with more of the information they need and marketers with better insight into sales readiness and content performance. 
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Looking for AI buy-in. Try showing how a small increase in attainment can provide BIG value and how AI can speed sales velocity with immediately actionable insights.

Key takeaways include:

  • How AI can streamline your entire go to market motion — from planning target account selection and lead scoring to daily outbound prospecting and sales intelligence;
  • Why you can’t spell ‘agile marketing’ without AI;
  • A quick ROI calculator to help justify investment; and
  • How to alleviate the fear and ensure marketing and sales team buy-in for quick adoption. 
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Recovering spreadsheet addict Feng Hong proves why an analytical approach is key to audience & performance growth. Develop your strategic annual plan using boulders first, then rocks, then pebbles.

A step-by-step, metrics-driven walkthrough to learn how to:

  • Evaluate performance along the 3C’s (Campaign, Channel, Content);
  • Utilize attribution metrics to optimize next year’s marketing mix; and
  • Plan campaigns using reverse funnel and deciding between MQL-based or revenue-based planning. 
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Contact data expires at a rate of 32% per year. Learn how Ingram Micron keeps their data clean and leverages intent data, pain points and buyer expectations to shape their content and user experience. 

Key takeaways include:

  • How to make your database work for you, not against you;
  • Tips to identify buyer needs and pain points;
  • Strategies to leverage your audience for better content and messaging; and
  • How to harness the power of your audience throughout the entire funnel.
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2018 could be your year to shine! Take some time out to consider these 6 strategic steps to success, including the big ideas you can champion. 

Watch to learn how to:

  • Build effective campaign themes to support their marketing goals;
  • Pull the levers needed to grow brand awareness and influence in the market;
  • Identify the keys to successful reporting;
  • Make an impact on the business by championing a big idea!
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ABM adoption continues to gain traction. Learn the 5 ways marketers are finding dedicated budget and planning to increase those funds in 2018. 

Watch to learn:

  • Why marketers are prioritizing ABM in 2018;
  • How to align around a target account list;
  • Creative ways marketers are developing ABM budgets; and
  • How to optimize the program mix. 
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The perfect content mix: re-imagine static content with an up close look at buyer-focused, interactive: infographics, listicles, checklists, iPapers, gBooks, podcasts, videos and more.

Panel discussion on:

  • How top B2B brands are using these formats;
  • How to ensure these content formats are audience-focused;
  • Where in the B2B buyer’s journey each format performs best; and
  • Which B2B audiences respond best to each content type.
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Today’s B2B buyers face the same complications we all do as consumers and human beings. Learn how empathy and intent data can help you to better connect with your audience. 

In this webinar, hear feedback from the frontlines and proven strategies smart marketers use to drive deep, long-term engagements that increase customer lifetime value. It all starts with getting to the right person, at the right time, with the right message.  

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Almost 2/3 of online GDP comes from non-english speaking buyers. Content localization is critical to entering new markets. See how global brands are accelerating their time to market. 

This webinar discusses the latest results from primary research of more than 300 top marketing decision makers, which illustrates the scope and momentum of content localization and provide real-world examples and actionable steps for how to develop your own future-proof localization strategy. 

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How Sage’s crawl-walk-run AI implementation led to AI-powered: reactivation, outbound prospecting, churn reduction, cross and up selling. 

Key takeaways include:

  • How to drive sales and marketing alignment at scale;
  • Key use-cases for AI across the entire buyer’s journey from account selection to lead prioritization to retention to upsell; and
  • How to drive sales adoption and follow-up on leads provided by marketing.
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Behind every B2B buyer is a B2C consumer who expects the same seamless omnichannel experience they’re used to. The technology to provide it already exists; find out how it's being used.

Watch for prescriptive examples of how B2B marketers can keep up with their B2C peers by putting actionable intelligence into play across multiple channels, including: 

  • Increasing telemarketing conversions;
  • Improving email click-through rates;
  • Reducing digital ad acquisition costs: and
  • Lifting direct mail response rates.

Also included: examples of how access to accurate account and contact data are helping organizations identify their best audiences and then deploy campaigns across channels that match buyer preference